Crunch, crunch, crunch   The comforting sound of leaves

Crunch, crunch, crunch  

 The comforting sound of leaves under me had a new meaning now. After that Boy Scout leader was murdered, this street was a wasteland. Everything was deserted in fear of the creatures that live in the dense trees above. It was an urban legend, made to scare little kids into not going out at night. But the injuries found on the scout leaders gave evidence to its existence, many don’t believe but it will always be there. The deep claw marks across his neck and the teeth marks scattered over his skull, didn’t match any animal found. His face was unrecognizable, the creature had torn it apart leaving only bare skull, picked clean and lying lonely in the street. I walked past the blood splattered sidewalk and shuddered. Fear rose deep inside me and I brushed it aside.


Would you rather get rid of computers or cellphones??

In my opinion I think getting rid of computers is the better choice. Cellphones are just hand held computers that you can call and text on. It’s a lot easier and a lack of computers wouldn’t affect us much because we have the internet in our pocket. For gamers this would be a problem because they would want to play their games but really, that wasn’t what a computer was made for in the first place and also you shouldn’t evolve your life around video games that don’t really matter. Another fact is that computers cost a ton and are hard to have around with you. Yes, there are laptops but that means you have to carry a laptop bag around and spend all this money on accessories that are needed to keep that laptop in a good condition otherwise it won’t work at all. Or you could just get a cellphone and use that instead to access the internet, email and documents that are easily obtainable. So really, cellphones are quickly becoming more popular than computers showing that they are the better!


Whoever knows me well, definitely knows I LOVE cats. Cats are my favorite and I have plenty books on the different types of cats. I have had several different animals and the most lovable ones have been our furry felines. So based on my past pets I will judge which ones are the best and most recommended.

Tonkinese Ragdoll Chantilly
Size Medium/small Large Medium
Behavior 3 7 8
Cuteness 7 8 8
Agility 8 4 6
Price $330- $500 $350 $200 – $300

The Tonkinese cat is a very interesting cat. Their fur is typically a gray or cream mix, covering their body from head to toe. The size of the Tonkinese is a medium to small stature, the largest it will grow to be the size of a small dog. It is a pretty darn cute cat but this cat can also be quite crazy. The main mixture of the Tonkinese is a Siamese. It definitely explains where the crazy comes from. Sadly the agility in this feline adds to what makes the Tonkinese a hard to manage animal. The price is quite high for a purebred cat.

The Ragdoll is a completely other story. This cat is a calm and beautiful cat. It’s known for going limp like a ragdoll when picked up. Hence the name … Ragdoll. This cat is very large weighing up to 15 + pounds! The agility is low because it is a very large cat causing it to move around less. Luckily the behavior of the Ragdoll is amazing. This cat is very calm and can take a lot. Another good thing about this cat is that it is very cute! No joke, with simple fluffy cream fur and big blue eyes the look of this cat makes anyone go “Awwwe.” The price is quite high for a purebred but you could possible get a mix breed

. The Chantilly is an also amazing cat. Very close to the ragdoll, this cat is very calm and very fluffy! The Chantilly is smaller than the ragdoll but is still a big cat. Behavior of this cat is calm and relaxed. They love to sleep and lay around. Chantilly’s fur is very thick and comes in a variety of colours. Cuteness of the Chantilly is practically like the ragdoll. Everyone goes awe when seeing this super cute feline. Agility is quite high compared to the ragdoll but this cat still loves to lie around and be lazy. The price is low compared to the other breeds; can easily be found at the SPCA for adoption.

For me, I love all of the breeds of cats but I have to say the Chantilly is the best. I own one at home and she is the best cat out of the ones I have owned. Although she may not move around a lot or so much she still is an amazing cat. For recommendation the Chantilly is on the top.



Speeding forward in time, you come to a halt at a stop light. Everyone staring in awe. You are the definition of cool. Chuck Norris would bow down to you in praise of your magnificent car. The smartest car on the street……. Smart car.

This is an amazing car, perfect for the on the go, amazing person like you. If not… go away. The small size of this car is easily parked and driven. This car is environmental friendly and runs on pure electric awesomeness! Nothing better than looking awesome and saving the environment at the same time. All amazingness of this car is pushed onto people without them even knowing, after riding in this car, you will be way to cool for this world. For this universe even… yea.

This car rocks two doors like a boss, two seats for you and life itself. There is enough space for your wicked stereo. Nothing can top this car… nothing. With this car you will be picking up people left and right. The shiny, colorful exterior of the car is ‘off the hook’ as the hip kids say and leather seats inside are made of pure elephant skin… yea I know.. Pretty cool right.

For a price of this beauty ranges from $16000 to $20000.. Pretty sweet deal if you ask me. The steering wheel gear shift makes life easier! Parking it won’t be a problem because parking it on the sidewalk won’t make you a jerk.. it’ll make everyone envious of you.

Eyes will be planted on you driving this car so if you want all that attention call 898 909 6262

              It was only two  in the morning, I was woken by the sound of my window sliding open. Frightened, I sat up right, only to find it was just my dad. I relaxed and drearily asked what was going on. Before he was even able to reply a heard them. Laughter echoed through the street and I gingerly looked out the window. There had been over twenty teenagers out in the street, screaming, laughing and fooling around. From what I could make out from the street lights, most of them waved around beer bottles. The occasional smashing of glass and scream from a girl, kept my eyes locked on the group. My father was furious. I could feel his anger bubbling forth, making me feel uneasy on his next actions. My mom came in from the next room, from the sound of her voice, I could tell she was tired. We watched the crazy fiasco unraveling across the street. Before we knew it, a younger man came out of the party house with a large bat. we didn’t know what it was exactly for until we focused on the large circle that had formed in the middle of the street.

        A large brawl had started in the street. The crowd had loudly begun to chant and I tensed up as I watched the man with the bat enter the circle and begin to hit something in the middle. My parents panicked. My dad retrieved his phone and dialed 911. my dad had reached the police and explained the situation. The lady on the other end had told us the police would be there shortly. 

       Twenty minutes later we heard the sirens echo up the street. It had been too late. The group had dispersed and the occasional laugh was heard retreating down the street. As the police approached the battered house where the party was held. 10 cop cars surrounded the house, while several others went up the street looking for possible suspects. Eventually a police officer came to our door and asked my father a couple of questions while a sat at the top of the stairs, hidden from the officers view. My father had finished talking and they exchanged thank you’s. I had gone to bed with the sad image of the man hitting something in the middle of the circle. Slipping away into the night, I couldn’t wait to discuss what had happened the next day.


The sun was a dark, eerie black, the color of death. The last burst of light escaping the sun blinded me temporarily. I opened my eyes to the dark earth only to be lit up by the artificial light we provide. The only things keeping us alive were also the things slowly killing us. Electricity. Providing a numbing heat in the cold we are left in and our only source of light. The sun had gone out. Just like a candle, slowly dying off only to finally go out.

We hadn’t been affected by the flares that showed the first signs of the suns numbered days. They weren’t hot but just bright; blinding to the naked eye. We knew it was going to die off and we couldn’t do anything to at least try to keep it going. As I sat lonely in my empty room, I couldn’t help but think of the disgusting life I was about to go and live. we were heading underground. It was the only place where we wouldn’t completely freeze to death. We had a limited amount of hours before the earth became a frozen wasteland.

Congratulations !!

Congratulations, newly minted babysitter
Welcome to the world of children and along with that… tantrums,cranky kids, whining and of course crying. But dont worry!! You wont even have to work that hard to make sure these crazy things will come to you. These 8 rules on how to be a horrible babysitter will help you along your very short career.

1. Act as if you would rather be dead than babysit their kids
Being immature and acting as if you have better things to do than babysit will work well. Sighing and moping around will tell the parents you are not responsible 

2. Treat older kids (older than 9) as if they are still babies
Treating children older than 9 like babies will boost their self-esteem and make sure they will never want you back. Also, make them watch educational shows while telling them they have to watch it to grow up to be a smart boy/girl.

3. Send them to bed early
Every child loves to sleep, especially at a young age. All they do is sleep. If you are babysitting in the evening make sure they go to bed an hour after you arrive. This will make sure they have a good night’s rest.

4. Eat their favorite candy in front of the kids
Eating their favorite candy (or any candy at all) will show the kids you’re above them. They may beg for it but you have to put your foot down and be above them. Tell them that they were bad (even if they didn’t do anything) and they aren’t allowed to have any. You can even throw in the threat of sending then to bed!

5. Eat all the food in the house
Make sure you eat most of the food in the house so the parent(s) come home to no food. If you are hungry, eat! Their food is there for you so enjoy it!

6. Ignore the kid(s) and watch movies or play on your phone the whole time
They parents hired you to watch their children. Doesn’t mean you have to look at them or pay attention to them. Pick a good movie or game to play and relax !

7. Don’t clean at all
Don’t clean !!! It’s not your job. If they wanted a clean house they would have done it themselves. So don’t worry let the kids destroy it and blame it on them.

And finally
8. Over charge the parents
Charging you employers a crazy amount of money for a small job will assure you getting another phone call from that family. Make sure it’s a sum of money that is not normal. They typical 10 dollars and hour for 1 child will work. Add more money for more children

If you follow these rules carefully you will definitely get a steady job with the family you have been babysitting.  


A deafening bang echoed through the station. A bright light, leading a wall of heat, blasted through the halls, leaving the subtle smell of burnt flesh and burning paint. The sharp pains of broken glass entering my skin left me dizzy. I stumbled through the train station, tripping over bodies lying uncomfortably on the marble floor. No one knew where it came from but we knew it wasn’t man made… or even from earth.

Any survivors were evacuated and taken to the hospital. I stayed behind helping people into ambulances before heading in to the crumbled ruins. The F.B.I had arrived anywhere looking over the ever so strange artifact that had wiped out everything standing. It was small, no larger than a bowling ball. The explosion that followed its impact couldn’t have possibly come from this small object. It was a meteorite. Or so we believe.

I had gone to the hospital for my extensive injuries. The glass and burnt flesh had been the least of my problems. My right ear had been deafened and I had a horrific concision from being knocked to the ground on impact with the meteorite.

New Story

Behind his smiling face and eyes, a deep hate bubbled forth in Alex. He knew it wasn’t right to hate a human being so much but it took over. His parents had taken it too far this time; moving him across Canada once again. He needed to get away before he did something wrong, and without notice, he was gone.

with the help of several trusting friends, he had run away. Escape from his unwelcoming home was relief for him. Both his parents had an addiction to either drugs or alcohol. The family barely had any money and yet they wanted to move again! Alex was furious. No child should suffer with the pain of being in a family like his.


to be continued …….